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2022 classes are constantly on update.



19, Verbania (Verbania, Italy), “Basic Mantracking Class”

20, Albano Vercellese (Novara, Italy), “Basic Mantracking Class”

25, Roma (Italy), “Basic Mantracking Class” – S.O.S. 2012

26, Roma (Italy), “Basic Mantracking Class” with MONOLITIK SURVIVAL


3 – 4, Sedena di Lonato (Brescia, Italy), “Cosa fare se ti perdi” with ASD A-TEAM

9 – 10 – 11, Vervood (U.K.), “Introduction to read and follow tracks” with WILDWAY BUSHCRAFT School

17 (Piemonte, Italy), “Advanced Mantracking Class”

18 (Chiavenna, Italy), “Mantracking for S.A.R.” with A.N.A. Valtellina



28, Novara, “Mantracking Basic Class” with A.I.P.


5, Biella, (Italy), “Track n’Bike” with SKOUTY

11 – 12, Bologna, “Advanced Mantracking Class” with WOLF’s SPIRIT A.S.D.

18 – 19, Como (Italy), “Mantracking Basic Class for K-9” with Protezione Civile Como

25 – 26, Modena (Italy), “Advanced Mantracking Class” with CIMONE OUTDOOR


4, Cumiana (TO, Italy), “Basic Mantracking Class – Reserved” with TEAM ADVENTURE A.S.D.

15, (LUXEMBOURG), “S.E.R.E. Class” with DSS

20 – 25, Lovingston (VIRGINIA, U.S.), “Tactical Tracking Class” with Hull’s Tracking School

25, Sondrio (ITALY), “Mantracking for S.A.R.” with CCVSO

26, Biella (Italy), “Introduzione alla lettura delle orme” with WHITE RABBIT


1, 2, Telford, Shropshire (U.K.) “The Art of Tracking Class” with STOUR VALLEY BUSHCRAFT School – to purchase tickets click here

14, 15, 16, Bilbao (Spain), “Basic Mantracking Class” with BASQUE BUSHCRAFT

29, 30 (Emilia Romagna, Italy), “Cosa fare se ci si perde” with LIGURIA OUTDOOR AND SURVIVAL and APPENNINO HIKES


6, 7, (TBD) Sweden, “Mantracking Basic Class” with NATURGUIDEN HOGA KUSTEN

11, 12, 13, Mondorf-Les-Bains (LUXEMBOURG), “Mantracking Basic Class” with DELTA SURVIVAL SCHOOL

17, 18, Campobasso (ITALY), “Mantracking Intermediate Course” with NSC

27, TBD (DEU), “Mantracking/Survival/Bushcraft Event” with FOXSCOUT SURVIVAL and RATHWILDEN


10, 11, Mexborough (UK), “Mantracking Basic Class” with TRUE WAYS SURVIVAL School

18, Como (Italy), “Trek & Tracking” with TREKRAFT

24, Bern, (SWITZERLAND), “Mantracking Basic Class for K-9” with REDOG


1, 2, Dolomiti (Italy), “Mantracking & Orienteering” with DOLOMITI SURVIVAL


9, 10, (SWITZERLAND), “Mantracking und Survival” with HOW TO SURVIVE

30 – 1, Mørkøv (DANMARK) “Mantracking Class” with BUSHCRAFT DANMARK 


7, 8, Appiano (BZ, Italy), “Primitive Mantracking” with WILD & FREE SOUTH TYROL

19, 20, 21, 22, Deventer (THE NETHERLANDS), “Mantracking Basic and Advanced Class” with WEYLIN TRACKING