Interest. Skills. Integrity. Inspirative.

David Michael Hull, founder of Hull’s Tracking School

Kyt’s passion and dedication to the art of tracking are humbling

Joel Lambert, Ex-Navy SEAL



Official Representative and Instructor [Virginia, USA]


Directora de la Escuela de Rastreo Humano [Spain]


Certified Conservation Ranger and Member of the Board [Colorado, USA]


Guest Instructor for VST (The Netherlands).


I became acquainted with Kyt several years ago and in all my tracking experience I have never met anyone as passionate and enthusiastic as she has demonstrated.  Kyt’s research and personal commitment is admirable.  I was fortunate enough to have Kyt join me in a week-long class. […] I have officially made Kyt a representative and instructor of “Hull’s Tracking School“. She has demonstrated interest, skills, and integrity that are most inspiring for a tracking practitioner.” David Michael Hull, Virginia, U.S.

“Thanks for being the legend you are. Your post motivate me to get out there as often as I can to keep learning and practicing. Its thanks to people like you that the industry keeps growing. True legend” Craig Sanders, South Africa

“You inspire and motivate others.” Steve Fritz, U.K.

“Tracking is one of those skills on my priority list to develop and improve. I can’t think of anyone better to learn from.” Brian Ward, U.K.

“Her enthusiasm for tracking is refreshing to see.” Joe Kellam, Marine Corps veteran and retired DNR Law Enforcement supervisor, Ohio, U.S.

“You’ve done this community a great service. You should feel immensely proud. I am sure not all reach out. But you deserve the compliment. Warrior to warrior. I am honored to have met you” Zach Mills, SGT, U.S Army 02-08 13-15, Afghan 04-05/Iraq 05-06/Iraq 07-08

“Always intrigued by this discipline, I decided to attend the Tracking Level 1 course held by Kyt Lyn Walken. I found it wonderful, informative and very interesting; Kyt is truly an instructor capable of transmitting notions and all the passion he has for this discipline. I have already advised colleagues and acquaintances to participate in one of her courses” M.S. OR-4 11°rgt Bersaglieri Esercito Italiano

“The course is a set of knowledge that can be very useful both in the outdoor and urban fields. All notions are explained in a simple, complete and exhaustive way, accompanied by practical examples and effective and appropriate demonstrations. The level of difficulty is progressive and with the right commitment all notions can be assimilated. Having this knowledge can be useful in many cases and in totally different environments. I recommend it to everybody” L.C.  28esimo Rgt. “Pavia”, Comunicazioni Operative – Comparto Special Operations Forces

“I am an employee of the Carabinieri for forestry and environmental protection (former Forestry) and I am part of the Civil Protection as a volunteer. I attended the Tracking course held by Kyt Lyn Walken because I believe that this art is useful in our work. After viewing website and reading all of its qualifications, my expectations for the course were very high. I must say that he paid off in full with his humility and professionalism”

“Con estrema professionalità Kyt Walken accompagna i corsisti , passo dopo passo, al concepimento dei principali elementi su cui si basa il Tracking, un’arte primitiva che può salvare vite! Lo consiglio vivamente” E.B.


Her interest and passion for reading and following human tracks goes way back in time. She improves her Tracking skills daily as training and practice are the cornerstone of Tracking. Sept 2015: She has attended her first Man Tracking class and the second level on November of the same year. Later on, on September 2016, came the third one. June 2017:  She has attended Tactical Acuity C-IED Class hold by David Michael Hull (Hull’s Tracking School) And JC Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications) in Faber, Virginia. June 5th-June 9th. December 2017: She has been entitled as “Official Representative of Hull’s Tracking School“.  Mike Hull is her Mentor. March 2018: She has attended to CYBERTRACKING [Animal Tracking Course] by Toni Romani. July 2018: She has become Conservation Ranger after attending a two weeks course at E.S.A. in Poland led by C.R.O.W. (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide). June 2019: She has taken part of the course “Forensic Photographs on Crime Scene”, hold by UK Forensic Advisor and former Royal Marines Robert Kendall. She has got the priviledge to learn the Art of Tracking from these great Instructors and Trackers:

David Scott Donelan Tracking School – European Division Instructors

David Michael Hull (Hull’s Tracking School)

Cornelius Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications)

Rob Speiden (Natural Awareness Tracking School)

Kenneth Galbraith (US Army Special Forces, D.E.A.)

Andy Martin (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide)

Robert Kendall (Former Royal Marines, UK Forensic Advisor)


She trained several personnel from European Law Enforcement, Army and Search and Rescue.

Currently she runs courses all over Europe (according to Covid-19 regulations) and she holds webinars in English and Spanish focused on:

– pairing Mantracking with K-9 (related to S.A.R. activities)

– Forensic application of Tracking during crime scene investigation

As she truly believes that this awesome Art cannot be bordered with a piece of paper, she’s constantly on Training on dirt time on ground, and she scheduled several other courses she wants to attend to in order to do always better, in learning as well as teaching.