“Trackers are not born. They are trained” Paul Kirtley


The art and science of reading, following and understanding human tracks.
Applications are widely known for centuries, since Tracking has been used quite early in the tactical field (Indian Wars, the Vietnam War, the war in Rhodesia, operations in Afghanistan just to name a few) where it is still very valuable (South African army, Marines, Navy SEALs) and Search & Rescue, revealing the great effectiveness of this art in comparison to operations at high cost normally using helicopters or molecular dogs.
This ability, used by humans since the early hunters, is disappearing from common knowledge although it still has useful applications in the modern world, such as Surveillance, Search & Rescue, IED Prevention, S.E.R.E., Survival …
Man-Tracking, in particular, focuses on the research and understanding of human signs and can be extremely effective to prevent criminal and terrorist actions.


Outdoor Enthusiasts, Survivalists, Search & Rescue Personnel, Alpine Rescue, Fire Fighters, IED Prevention, Army, Special Forces, Survival, Forensic, Antipoaching, Wildlife Conservation.

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