Get used to what you look for.

Tracking is about training. There’s no chance to become a good Tracker if you do not vote yourself to training, to dirt time. With any given terrain, scenario, weather. Get used to what you look for.¬†Analyze what you see, look for any damage in the vegetation caused by human passage. Take note of everything you … Continue reading Get used to what you look for.

What to look for.

While tracking, it’s peculiar to know exactly what to look for, depending on the scenario you are in. Desert areas actually present very different characteristics from forested areas. What catches the eye could be eagerly divided in several categories which are called EVP (Elements of Visual Perception). This means that our eyes actually stop their … Continue reading What to look for.

History of Man Tracking: Selous Scouts.

PAWME CHETE! Lots have been said about this special Regiment¬†of the British Army during the Rhodesia War (1973-1980, year of the constitution of Zimbabwe). They were aimed to the “the clandestine elimination of terrorists/terrorism both within and without the country“. That’s why I firmly think it’s peculiar to recommend you the best and more complete … Continue reading History of Man Tracking: Selous Scouts.