My books on Prepper’s Paradise!

  From today you can find my books “The Importance of Being a Tracker” and “The Urban Tracker” (former title: “From Urban to Offgrid”) on UK based Survival and Prepping website “PREPPER’S PARADISE“.

TRACK CARDS: get yours for free!

  Download FOR FREE “Tracking Card – Field exercises” and “Tracking Card – Field exercises (1)” to fill in and record while you are on your dirt time on field.  You can print  and use them anytime you want, they will be always available. Hope this serves you! Much love and tracks! Kyt

KYT LYN WALKEN interviewed by Eléonore Lluna, directrice générale associée at Time on target – Expéditions et survie

Check this! Eléonore Lluna, directrice générale associée at Time on target – Expéditions et survie, interviewed me in January 2020.