Tricks of the trade to become a better Tracker.

Being in lockdown can be really bad, I perfectly know that. Everyday I miss the mountains, fresh air, the pureness of each single moment spent in the outdoors. And I miss my hours of “dirt time” on ground too! So I decided to look in the face this monster and take advantage of it, developing my VERY FIRST MANUAL on exercises TO DO SOLO or at least two people in order to help my readers (and, consequentially, myself!) to become better Trackers. It took me hours of work and I really hope you enjoy it.

In this 72 pages book you will find two parts.
  • The first section is A SELECTION OF EXERCISES to enhance your Tracking Skills in the Outdoors. It contains more than 50 exercises as well as some inner views and Tricks of the trade.
  • The second section offers 40 exercises (plus solutions) you can solve wherever you are, basically developed to test your Observation and Logic.

I established a symbolic price of 9 Euros you can place sending the money to my PayPal account

Once received the payment, the book will be sent via email through a Wetransfer link, so..  no trees have been cut to make it (which is something I really care about).


Stafe safe out there.

Much love and tracks,


The importance of Being a Tracker

Published by

Kyt Lyn Walken

Hull's Tracking School Instructor and Official Representative. C.R.O.W. Certified Ranger. Directora de la Escuela de Rastreo Umano de Centro de Formaccion Carcayù, Spain. Worldwide Recognized Tracking Expert.

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