How to track in a city.

“Each Track has a specific story, no matter on which substrate it has been left. It is, in itself, the evidence that someone (or something) passed. The art of reading tracks, as you know, is mostly related to any Outdoor scenario, preferably not so much contaminated by the presence of other tracks.
This should make things easier, as this skill is way difficult to master.
Many times my Students interrogate me on how challenging – even impossible – is Tracking in urban areas, due to the massive presence of concrete, asphalt, tar and floor tiles.
The absence of a real, natural soil sounds like a obstacle impossible to overcome.
But it isn’t.
The art of Tracking teaches us where to look and how to do that.
We just must become familiar with the underlayer and all the clues we can collect.”


Got the idea to make this manual since a while to be honest, but I have actually found the right mindset to complete it only in the last period.

The contents displayed are the following:


Hope this will help you in your path inside the fascinating world of Tracking!


Avalaible in ENGLISH or SPANISH. Price: Euro 9,00. Once received the payment on PayPal account, the book will be sent via email through a Wetransfer link.

Published by

Kyt Lyn Walken

Hull's Tracking School Instructor and Official Representative. C.R.O.W. Certified Ranger. Directora de la Escuela de Rastreo Umano de Centro de Formaccion Carcayù, Spain. Worldwide Recognized Tracking Expert.

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