The mantracker who found a murder suspect’s bunker.

“Disguised as a couple of lost hikers on Rattlesnake Mountain, two King County Sheriff’s deputies found footprints, an energy bar wrapper, and other clues that led them to a suspected double murderer.

“I was highly aware the whole time he could be watching us. That was always in the front of my mind,” says Deputy Troy Chaffee as he describes the search for Peter Keller.

“He had high-powered scopes, he had high-powered binoculars. I had to assume he watching anyone who could be in his area.”

Detectives believe Keller killed his wife and daughter – 41-year-Lynnettee and 18-year-old Kaylene. They say he set their home on fire April 23 and took off to a bunker he’d been building for about eight years.

The plan for Chaffee, and a female King County deputy mantracker, was to look for Keller while acting like they were hiking […]”

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Kyt Lyn Walken

Hull's Tracking School Instructor and Official Representative. C.R.O.W. Certified Ranger. Directora de la Escuela de Rastreo Umano de Centro de Formaccion Carcayù, Spain. Worldwide Recognized Tracking Expert.

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